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Amir al-Mu'minin, Imam Ali said:
The God took us under consideration and chose us and also chose the Shias who help us; they become happy in our happiness and sad in our sorrow, and they devote their money and life for us. They are from us and will return to us. (Jame al-Akhbar, p. 179)

Karbobalaees need their followers’ support in different ways to go through the path they have ahead. As a result, we need your blessings and we have defined different ways for you to support Krabobala.

Financial support

The best Shiee sites are either governmental or they are run by specific people in a way that among the top 500 best Iranian sites, the name of an independent religious site cannot be seen. Moreover, none of the religious websites in Iran work on Imam Hussain-related subjects specifically.
Although business is good and business advertisement is not bad, the website of Imam Hussain is not a proper place for that. Karbobala is a professional website. In this website being documented and precise is important and the aim is to introduce Imam Hussain internationally. When we initiated the website we could expand it through political dependence. But we decided to act differently. It has been about ten years ever since and we are still going our way.
By paying as much as you can from today, support us in maintaining and expanding the website.

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