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Hussain ibn Ali was Muhammad's grandson .His father was Ali ibn Abi Talib, Muhammad's cousin and devoted follower, who became the fourth Muslim caliph and the first imam of the Shi'i branch of Islam. The Shi'i revere Hussain as their third imam and as a martyr.
Abbas B. ʿAli B. Abu Taleb, known as Abu Fadl, was a half-brother of Imam Hussain who fought bravely at the battle of Karbala. ‘Abbas was killed, according to most traditions, on the day of ‘Ashura while trying to bring back water from the Euphrates river to quench the unbearable thirst of the besieged Ahl-e Bayt.
'Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar). It is the climax of the Muharram mourning rituals which commemorates the martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad at the Battle of Karbala on 10 Muharram in the year 61 AH. For Sunnis, it is a day on which fasting is recommended.
Zaynab is the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammed and role model for Shi῾i female activists. Her fame in Islamic history derives from her passionate and eloquent defense of her family and in particular her brother, al-Hussain, the martyred hero of the Battle of Karbala

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